Best AC line conditioning devices?

Name your fave and any comparisons done. I'm particularly keen on this as I've experienced some great results (and some flubs) but I can't audition all. I admit to being extreme for isolation/conditioning for digital.
The Shunyata Triton has put to shame all contenders in my system including the SR MKIII and Bybee Stealth.
I like Furutech because they don't change the sound of your system too much.
after using PS Audio, Furutech, Isoclean I settled on HB Cable design....the best and the most natural(means no artefacts or limits for all system).
Prcinka, which HB product are you using? If one of their power strips, are you using any of their power cords or signal cables?
Thanks Plasmatech for your info on Plasmatron. I had been unaware of it. Have you used any Sound Application device?