Best Ambient Music

Who's your favorite "Ambient" musicians. Patrick O'hearn is a favorite
KK-well not really but the styles overlap and some artists are seen in both categories. Ambient as I would descrice is mainly electronic based instrumental stuff- more sonics than songwritng. New Age on the other hand can be like this but is more ethnic (various) based and includes more traditional instruments,chants and veers into modern classical at times also. I guess cynically ambient is seen as more contemporary and dance related and that New Age is more hippy trippy meditation music.Er I mean that with no offense I'm sure we'll get a "which speakers make whales sound more life-like" thread soon.:-)
Just about anything a record store can't classify goes into the NEW AGE bins. I guess Ambient would get thrown in there. Ambient was pretty big in late 70's. The big artists were Brian Eno and Klaus Schulze. It seemed to me it was mostly synthesizers in a repetetive action sending you into deep trancelike state. It was a good match with mind altering substances. Lots of new ambient music is on NPR's ECHOES
"Ambient" is very similar to what used to be known as "space music". Check out the early to mid 70's Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Temple, Klaus Schulze. Rayd
I like Aphex Twin's "Selected Amibient Works VII'. Volume one, though, is more techno, more boring. Orbital is good, so is Eno. Slowdrive is something to look at. They have a song on the 'Doom Generation' sndtrk, 'blue skied an' clear' that's pretty good with a gigantic, enveloping sound.
The Orb. 'Saw' Alex spinning once before a MBM show. Wow. FSOL is up there too. Hmm, haven't listen to any of this stuff in a looong time.