best amp for a Maggy 1.7i

I am looking for the most detailed amp for a 1.7i under $1,500.

The amp will be between the 1.7i and a Topping d70s. I use the d70s to control the volume.

The d70s is fed by a Bluesound Node. Or, sometimes, directly by a CD player.

I have a fetish for detail.

I’m thinking NAD 268.

Currently using a B&K EX-442 Sonata and not satisfied.



Use no tubes!! Look for a secondhand musical fidelity A5 and recap him.

Or buy a secondhand kinki audio you needs a amp with minimum of 500w amp at 4ohm.


jros,    I received my 1.7i s in June of of 21.  After a year of listening to all types of music, I am very satisfied with the current system, all digital amps.

Digital Amp Co, 4800A 200wpc, sent back for a new transformer due to tranny buzz.  Up graded power supply and power rails.  Now called a Megaschimo 265wpc.  This powers my 1.7i s and DWMs   Very black background, music seems to boil up out of nowhere.

Peactree Audio, AMP500 250wpc.  This powers my swarm/DBA sub system from 40 hz  on down.  The swarm is 3 10s in three large boxes, a pair of tens together in smaller box 23x10x13, last 12 woofer in a large box.  These are seldom needed.

Dac Maraschino w/ 60 volt power supply 200wpc for side channel MMGs.

2 MiniGan5s for rear channels and Atmos.

1.7i s use magnarisers airborn stands, best spent money anywhere.

2 DWMs wired to Megaschino also used.  DWMs are 200 to 40 hz, not much, together a nice full bottom end.  DWMs use Mye stands

Marantz AV8801, Panasonic BDUP9000, ZU  speaker wire and Audio Envy ICs, DBX XLR223.  Questions PM me. 

My friend used a NAD integrated amp and I am impressed with the sound per dollar of his system. 

I recognize that an improve from end can let Maggies shine; I disagree NAD isn’t a nice match at the Op’s budget 


I have been using my AGD Audion and Gran Vivace to drive my Maggie 1.7.

Several friends have reached Nirvana too with their 30.1 and the Audion.