Best AMP for GE Triton Reference Speakers

Now that it’s my turn for Christmas, I’m asking for advice on what AMP users would suggest using with GoldenEar Triton Reference speakers? My budget is 10k, I have a local dealer who will let me bring home and test the amps they carry for a few days each - which include: Parasound JC5, Anthem STR, McIntosh MC312 and MC462, and Rotel’s Michi S5. Are there any other brands/ manufactures you would suggest checking out?

For more details: This is a dual-purpose room; listening room/ home theater but with an emphasis on music over movies. The room is well treated to reduce echo, but far from "dead sounding." The dimensions are 12 ft wide, 20 feet deep, and 8.5ft ceilings. I am looking for a neutral, resolving and detailed amp over warmth or musicality without sounding too lean esp in the midrange. I also don’t want to go below 200 watts for home theater purposes, so I believe that a tube amp is out of the question. I’m hoping to make a purchase decision on or around January 10th. I appreciate everyone’s input in advance. I also listen to a variety of music, but lean towards rock music and usually at mid listening levels (70 to 80 SPL) but with movies that can go quite a bit louder with explosions/ etc. 



I heard these speakers a few times at different dealers and at the AXPONA audio show chatting with Mr. Gross.

By far the best sound (and the only time I actually liked their sound) was at AXPONA driven by a PrimLuna EVO 400 tube amp (70 watts / channel). The sound was really nice with a variety of music.

I would suggest you strongly consider this option and bear in mind-

1) They have powered, active lower bass woofers (100 Hz and below)

2) The tube amp would drive the tweeter and two 6 inch woofers above 100 Hz only and they are 93db super efficient.

3) The sonics with the Primaluna were exemplary, very musical and easy on the ears. Hearing the Triton Refs with BAT and McIntosh solid state perviously they sounded awful for some reason.

4) The room at AXPONA was a small banquet room, not a hotel room. With a good sized crowd and doors open to the lobby the volume level was impressive and the bass response was incredible- better than most subwoofers.

Your home theater explosions will be handled by the internally powered bass drivers.  

For your reference. Based on what I heard a good robust tube amp is a no brainer.

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McIntosh is out. I stopped at the dealer today and listened to them paired with a couple of MCs. They were great at a lot of things, but string instruments sounded off to me especially in the mid to higher range. The sales guy said something about McIntosh eliminating harmonic distortion? I don’t know, but strings in particular sounded off to me. Tons of power, great dynamics, great bass, but slightly depleted midrange from what I’m used to. Good detail, musical but not analytical. They were  far from fatiguing, slightly warm. But, just not as accurate as I would like. (And great sound stage/ imaging…) 


Avanti, I see and understand your point. And, I will check out premaluna. (Gross has used everything from PS Audio, to Peachtree to Firstwatt, to Prema too… I’m wondering if going with a solid state amp with a prema preamp could be the ticket?) These are sensitive speakers, but they do seem to do better with more power. 

The sales guy said for what I’m looking for, the Anthem would be my best bet. But, I’ll go in over the next week or so and judge for myself and keep this posted. (They also don’t have Parasound, but Classe instead…) so, we will see. Thank you everyone! 



Never heard GoldenEar speakers sound good. I'd revisit your system after a serious rethink.