Best AMP for GE Triton Reference Speakers

Now that it’s my turn for Christmas, I’m asking for advice on what AMP users would suggest using with GoldenEar Triton Reference speakers? My budget is 10k, I have a local dealer who will let me bring home and test the amps they carry for a few days each - which include: Parasound JC5, Anthem STR, McIntosh MC312 and MC462, and Rotel’s Michi S5. Are there any other brands/ manufactures you would suggest checking out?

For more details: This is a dual-purpose room; listening room/ home theater but with an emphasis on music over movies. The room is well treated to reduce echo, but far from "dead sounding." The dimensions are 12 ft wide, 20 feet deep, and 8.5ft ceilings. I am looking for a neutral, resolving and detailed amp over warmth or musicality without sounding too lean esp in the midrange. I also don’t want to go below 200 watts for home theater purposes, so I believe that a tube amp is out of the question. I’m hoping to make a purchase decision on or around January 10th. I appreciate everyone’s input in advance. I also listen to a variety of music, but lean towards rock music and usually at mid listening levels (70 to 80 SPL) but with movies that can go quite a bit louder with explosions/ etc. 




A Triton 5 is a long way from the Triton Reference.  There is no comparison.



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It could be that you don’t need a change of amplification. Did you ever consider changing your speakers to another type?

I should have said this to start too - but my current Anthem P2 was 1) purchased used and 2) isn't working correctly. And while this is silly, the looks leave a bit to be desired. It still works, and I really like the sound of it, but I notice one channel "blanking" out / distorting at times. Usually, resetting the power fixes it but there have been times I need to reset it 2 to 5 times to get it working right again. Or, in other cases, I have to toggle the balanced/ single ended switch to make it work right. After I get the new amp I'll have it fully serviced and then resell it after making certain it's working correctly. 

The Benchmark amps look interesting, but I don't like their small size. But, that is an excellent suggestion and I might want to try that out with my office system. Thank you! And the Aesthtix is out because of their warranty. (3 years and non-transferable?) The PS Audio route is an interesting one... I'm really considering ordering in their M1200 monoblocks and testing those out for a bit. And for the price difference the 250 may not be a bad option either. 2 very different amps, but I'd really like to sample them both and see how they sound. 

And Stereo5 - I listened to the MC312 - I really liked it (so please don't think that I was discounting your system or sound there.) There was more, really good bass, but the top end just sounded a bit warmer than I prefer. I could totally see loving it over time, but I like a slightly less warm, more forward top end than the McIntosh was giving me. (I hope that I'm using the right terms.) 

There is another dealer nearby that sells Parasound, so I'll go down to that outfit soon to hear that. (I was wrong in my original post, my dealer does not have them.) They also don't have the STR in stock but they said they would order one in asap.



jpeters568 I’ve heard them a few times at different shows and while, that’s not necessarily the best place to judge any component, it can give a hint at the general capability. On both occasions they were dull, undynamic, and downright bad. On one occasion, the guy giving the demo was making excuses about the room while other rooms sounded great.