Best Amp for Magnepan 1.7?

What would be the best amp out of the following four brands to power the new 1.7s? Also, would a monoblock setup be worth the extra money? I like McIntosh; however, I'm not sure if the detail and speed will be up to what the 1.7 would want.

Mark Levinson

Thanks guys
I would still choose the Moscode 600 or 401 or the newest version. IMO there is something magical with those amps and Maggies. Don't forget McCormack amps.

I think the Bryston will be the best value per dollar and you can mate it well with a good tube preamp as well as the McIntosh and the Levinson. I think the Krell is a little more finicky using some tube preamps with it.

It depends on which McIntosh you choose and tube or solid state. All will control the bass for sure. All will give you a very solid sound presentation.

You have your job really cut out for you on those choices. I'd look at the McCormack or Moscode for my listening pleasure. Good Luck
IF you decide on the Mac, I have a friend with an MA-6900 on the block.
He went with a MC-401 for his Gallo's

Doesn't Magnepan use Bryston at shows?

In all fairness, I've never heard Mac/Maggie but have heard both good and bad comments. Mainly from people who I don't know......
You don't state what your budget is for an amp. You should consider the Magtech amp by Sanders Sound Systems. An incredible amp that will drive any speaker with incredible power and purity of sound that you have to hear to believe. Check it out on their website.