Best Amp for Magnepan 1.7?

What would be the best amp out of the following four brands to power the new 1.7s? Also, would a monoblock setup be worth the extra money? I like McIntosh; however, I'm not sure if the detail and speed will be up to what the 1.7 would want.

Mark Levinson

Thanks guys
i use two bat vk-55 tube amps all this talk about watts is only part of the solution current matters more i use to drive them with one bat vk-55 sounded great however i use a rel t1 sub the combination sounded detailed smooth and musical airy with my 450 watt solid state sounded harsh dry thin with good bass after 10 minutes had to turn it off was going to sell the maggies until i tried the bat now i'm in tube and maggie heaven.
Then, I started making small changes. Changed the Digital cable from the W4S DAC2 from the inexpensive Better Cables Silver Serpent to a pair of Xindak cables. Big difference. Instruments came into better focus.

class D are extremely sensitive to power cables ... that's also why Jeff Rowland developped the Power Factor devices

I heard the 1,7 with Jeff Rowland's 312 ... I couldn't believe my ears, how good it was (huge & deep soundstage, hearing things out of my Cds I had never heard before !!! ... even on 50'000 $ speakers !

In fact I want to hear the 3,7 which is said to be even better than the 1,7 and then ...
I have heard the following combos as far as Maggies are concerned. Not heard the 1.7 though:

- 2.7R with Perreaux 3150B (Fantastic sound, the best combo perhaps)

- 1.6R with VTL mono blocks (tube)

- 1.6R Quad 405/606 (excellent sound per pound - great sonics)
Dear: guys,

I have heard the 1.7 through fm acoustics pre and esoteric pwr amp, it was the demo set up at the absolute sound Singapore, they really least to my ears, details, ambience and naturalism or should I say realism were all at present. Happy trying..