Best amp for Magnepan MG-12

Just get a Magnepan MG-12. Using actually a Jolida 502B. I feel that the Jolida doesn't have enough power and that I can get a better result with a more powerfull amp. Willing to go with an integrated or separate, tube or SS and lookink for suggestion/advice. Budget: around 2 000$.
You could get a used Bryston 4B-ST or Wyred amp and still have change left over. 2 very nice sounding smps.
Try an NAD C 275BEE stereo amp (or the integrated pre/amp, C 375BEE). Used C 275BEE amps can usually be had for around $700 here on Audiogon. I used this amp before I purchased my Cary 500 mono-blocks. The NAD is excellent and has ample power, current, and headroom for your Maggies. It sounds very good and is a definite steal for the money!
Thank you very much for your advices guys. Really appreciated it. I am still looking even if I just bought an Acurus A250. I will probably get a tube preamp with it and try it. For now, still using the Jolida. Not bad (giving the size of my room (10x17), but want to try something different.

Thanks again
As a follow-up. I have the Acurus 250 with an Anthem PRE 1L. Excellent, except that at high volume, the Acurus get really hot. Will try this set up for the next days.