Best amp for Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario?


I have just purchased a pair of SF Amati Anniversario to replace my Tannoy TD12's and rreally wanted to know what a great amp wold be for them my maximum budget would be $20k I have heard they arre quite hard to partner and somme owners have gone through many amps beffore finding sommething ideal. Thanks for your help. Tim

I also had Anniversario with sa103, notice that one is not enough, the speaker is very current hungry. Use 2 as monos and it's fine!

BUT in any case a nice tube preamp with Plinius and rca connection.
Plinius preamps are not that good.

BAT also are fine match with Anniversario.
Really, Classe is not a US manufacture plus they have mainly gone the home theater route. :)

I'd like to hear those speakers on Audio Research gear. You could almost fit the REF 100 amp and REF 5 preamp in the budget.
You should also look into Ayre MXR amps. They should match well with Amati. I used to own the SF Memento and the amps matched well with the speakers.
One of the guys here is running them with a Dartzeel intergrated and hes a very happy man. Not heard that setup but worth a look if you're able to dem in Aus.