Best amp for Wilson sasha DAW

Just received my new Wilson Sasha DAW speakers and am now beginning to sift through a long list of electronics that would bring out the best in them. If anyone owns these and could give some recommendations I love to hear them. I’m open to tube or solid state. Looking for amps and preamp. All opinions are appreciated.
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am I right to conclude from your comments that I’d be better off just using one of the Nagra MSA’s to power these speakers until I find a replacement amplifier?
If the one stereo amp has enough wattage for you and you get the volume you need comfortably without taxing the amp, then I say a definite yes.
As bridging amplifiers has one plus only, increasing the wattage.
Everything else takes a hit.
1: distortion goes up
2: not as stable into low impedance
3: damping factor is doubled (worse)
4: the ability to drive low impedance’s is not as good
I’m sure there are others I can’t think of right now.
I jokingly say, bridging a good stereo amp turns them into a high wattage PA amp.

Cheers George
I liked the Constellation Taurus with the DAWs.  Extremely well controlled, transparent and highly dynamic. The Taurus monoblocks have huge headroom which bring the Sashas alive.
The best combination I know for the WA is VTL power amps and ARC pre-amps.I have the WATT/Puppy 5 with VTL MB450, ARC LS25 II, and ARC DAC9.
It’s really good.WA are known for using VTL Siegfried power amps as one of their reference amps.
As for ARC power amps you can’t go wrong with them, but the VTL’s may have the edge in grip, bass and power.

I heard some DAWs powered by a stack of Naim gear. Sounded OK. Solid but unremarkable. Then ARC monos+preamp combo that was better and finally a Burmeister amp (was like $100k lol) and that sounded better still.

None of it wow'd me. Not sure why.