Best amp options between $2k-$4 to power Magnepan 1.7?

I currently own a PrimaLuna Prologue Premium along with a Musical Concepts modded Hafler DH-200 that had been just gathering dust. Apparently I upgraded my source chain past some critical mass over the past 2 years... when previously tried, the Hafler was more dynamic than the Prima Luna but it just didn't do anything to counterbalance the better midrangecolor and tone color solidnessof the PL... now the modded Hafler just blows away the Prima Luna for dynamics, imaging and bass foundation.

So I think I should buy a good solid state amp that will improve on the Hafler; can I find one in the $2K-$4K rangethat will also come close to the Prima Luna for tone color ability, no sandpaper on vocals and have the requisite wattagefor Magnepan?
@bdp24 +1 A used Sanders Magtech, designed for high current applications like your speakers. Check out Sanders website, they make speakers too.
I replaced an Odyssey with a Van Alstine 450 which drove my Maggies
better and has MUCH better service .