Best amplifier for CLX

I own Martin Logan CLX
I am looking for best amplifier for them

My front ends is all Accuphase fully balanced
I have tried most SS but not being really satisfied
Heard Soulution 700 but not in my system
JV suggests is good Match
However my experience suggests tubes unleash the full
Qualities of CLX especially the bass panels
Interested in suggestions from others experience
My room is 10 ft tall by 30 ft by 20 ft
I listen to a lot of classical large orchestral Bruckner and Mahler
Thx in Advance
Thank you for your kind advise
I see you like DHT SET
I love their sound
Few unfortunately will drive the CLX
I see you like coincident speakers
These have accuton drivers which I have
A lot of experience with
Similar issues to CLX as very low distortion
And electrostatic speed but hard to find electronic to flesh out
I agree the advice is exactly what I am after
I have an older Coincident model that uses Scanspeak drivers rather than
the Accuton of their Pure Reference model. Nonetheless I love the sound
they provide. With your background as a musician you apparently
appreciate the fuller body and natural tone/harmonics that tube amplifiers
preserve (generally speaking). I understand how the leaner presentation of
some SS amplifiers may sound artificial and less natural in comparison(
some would argue this is more accurate, not to me). You have well
developed musician ears and I believe you'll find the sound that's
satisfactory to you, tube or transistor.
I have a tube amp for sale that was designed by Innersound to run electrostatic panels, which it is superb at doing. If you are interested, please pm me, and I can tell you more.