Best Amplifier for Dynaudio Contour 3.3s?

I have been building a system over the last two years which currently consists of: Dynaudio Contour 3.3s, Proceed AVP, Electrocompaniet EMC-I (24/192), Aragon 8008x3, and Ensemble Cables. I would like to upgrade my amplifier because the Aragon is too edgy and harsh. I know I need a lot of power for these speakers. I am looking for something that will be warmer and will improve the soundstage. Any suggestions?
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The Dyns need a lot of juice to make them sing. I use a Plinius SA 250 MkIV (450 watts per channel-4 ohms) with my 3.3's. I am very pleased with the full dynamic range of sound, exceptional bass and it's realistic three-dimensional soundstage with an excellent balance of depth and width. I would also highly recommend Pass X350 (or higher). Tubes are another option and will definately add warmth. I'm not that familiar with many different tube amps, but the Atma-Sphere, Audio Research REF 300 or 600, and BAT have strong followings.
The new Plinius SA-102 has around 100 watts but dual transformers...extra high current. An incredible amplifier, I've heard. If you do not have a huge room this might work. Also check out the Ayre V-1 or V-3...outstanding amps.
Somebody wrote on an older thread on a similar question before that "Nothing drives Dynaudio's like Krell does, Nothing."
I agree, I'm driving my Dynaudio Contour 3.0's with an FPB 200.
Please check out Gryphon callisto 2200 integrated amp, 200 watts class A. It is perfect match with Dynaudio speaker.
I've listened to the BAT VK-500 (SS) on Dynaudio's at a dealer and I own the VK-500. I thought it did a great job at opening up these speakers (Confidence 5 and 3 and Contour 3.0) without losing "musicality" or giving any sense of stain at volume peaks. I am definately biased though, being an owner.