Best Amplifier for LS3/5a

Happy New Year All!  Seeking advice from LS3/5 enthusiasts!  I have tried a number of these speakers (Graham, Harbeth, Falcon and KEF LS50's (if that counts)) - and to me the Falcon Gold Badge really stood out. It's been a while now since I did the comparison, so I don't remember all the details - but I felt that the Falcons were the most musical, engaging, open and did NOT have bloated bass (important for a small room)!  I've held on to a pair for my bedroom system, but I don't think that my current bedroom amps (AGD Audions, which I love with my current Raidho XT-1 monitors) are the best match for them.  I get a bit too much sizzle on the top and some associated sibilance.

Herb Reichert (Stereophile) seems to love these speakers, and his review notes that the Parasound A21+ was too dry with these speakers, but he really liked the Line Magnetic LM-518 IA.  That's not going to work for me!  In this bedroom system I keep the amp(s) under the bed and generally leave them on 24/7.  If possible, I prefer a balanced design, as I want NO HUM in my bedroom and my DAC/Pre (Weiss 501) has both balanced and RCA outs.

Based on the intended setup, I think balanced solid state would make the most sense. Amp selection might be influenced by the speakers having 15 ohm input impedance.

Any suggestions?  Thanks, Peter


@clio09 Yep.  I guess my question is how do threads show up in the general feed rather than getting stuck in a specialty forum. Perhaps it's number of people who have responded.

I’d get a Purifi amp. Plenty of power, excellent sound and run cool. Buckeye and VTV are both USA made and quite reasonable. Plenty of power and current which the LS3/5a’s like. What preamp will you be using?

@rdschicago   Thanks for the suggestion.  I like the fact that it's balanced and that VTV offers a 30-day audition.  I'm not intimidated by it being Class D - because my current amp (AGD Audion) is Ganfet Class D.  I think that the AGD is an amazing amp.  So my question is - is there something special about the Purifi that would beat the AGD ganfet? Definitely the Audion is less power (170W, 4ohm (>30A max current capability)).  Thoughts?