Best Amplifier or Integrated for Focal Diablo Evo

Wondering what you would power the Diablo Evos with?  
Room is 13x30; the speakers would be on the long wall and in a 8'-9' triangle.  
Cables will likely be Nordost. 
Aurender or Lumin will be the source. 
I'm thinking Constellation (but I like a slight touch of warmth, so...not sure if that's a hit)
Simaudio 700i
...What do you think? 
I thought about it.  I’ve heard the 300 is amazing, but leans a bit dark in color pallet.  It’s not off the radar, but I can’t hear it locally, and I’ve never heard it.  Thanks! 
I had the Diablo 300 with my Sopra 3s and thought it sounded very good.  I never noticed it being dark but the Focal tweeters can be a bit hot anyway sometimes.

I now own Octave gear with the super black box.   I personally feel it is more to my liking than the old gryphon set up - More depth and a smoother sound.   It’s really a personal call but you may want to try out one of the Octave integrateds as well.  Good luck
I saw a clip on Youtube with Scala EVO and the Octave 80SE w/ Black Box.  It it captivating - to me - even on Youtube.  
Have you had any issues @rshad0000 ?  What format/type of music do you listen to most?

@maxwave I've only heard McIntosh with Wilson, and I felt they were a bit dark and lacked the dynamics (was comparing to ARC at the time). But, thanks for the recommendaion!