Best Amplifier or Integrated for Focal Diablo Evo

Wondering what you would power the Diablo Evos with?  
Room is 13x30; the speakers would be on the long wall and in a 8'-9' triangle.  
Cables will likely be Nordost. 
Aurender or Lumin will be the source. 
I'm thinking Constellation (but I like a slight touch of warmth, so...not sure if that's a hit)
Simaudio 700i
...What do you think? 
I saw a clip on Youtube with Scala EVO and the Octave 80SE w/ Black Box.  It it captivating - to me - even on Youtube.  
Have you had any issues @rshad0000 ?  What format/type of music do you listen to most?

@maxwave I've only heard McIntosh with Wilson, and I felt they were a bit dark and lacked the dynamics (was comparing to ARC at the time). But, thanks for the recommendaion!

I upgraded from the Sopra 3 to the Scala EVO last year and at that time bought a Octave v80se with the super black box.  I also owned the Diablo 300 at the same time so I was able to compare the two.  At the end of the day I stuck with the Octave v80se and then later upgraded to the Octave HP700 Pre and RE320 amp.  Absolutely love them.  Very neutral for tube equipment with good bass(the super black box is a must).  No issues at all.   I listen to a mix- Rock, country, some classical and dance.   My favorite and where I think the system shines is on female vocalists.

I use s Sparkler S502i with my Focal Diablo speakers. Against audiophile common sense, this little 7W solid-state amplifier sounds *great* in my double-height listening space (picture inside link). Somehow I like this pairing much better than the significantly pricier Aavik integrated at the dealer.