Best Amps for Magneplanar 1.7i Speakers

I have a new pair of Magneplanar 1.7i speakers. Source material is CDs played on an  OPPO 105D disc player, and Qobuz streamed through the OPPO. Current amplification is Rogue Audio Sphinx (version 1). I have an old B&W powered subwoofer (ASW2000)  connected to the subwoofer outputs on the Sphinx. Listening room is about 15’x14’, ceiling height 9’. The sound quality is reasonably good but at times it feels a little underpowered. I’d welcome thoughts  on whether the Sphinx is enough amplifier for the speakers and what other amplifiers (integrated or pre- and power-amp combinations) might work well? Especially interested in views regarding tubes versus solid state. Budget for the amp or amp combo is $4,000 to $8,000. Thanks in advance!


This was published quite recently.

The Music room compared sound using 3 different amps. The differences noticed between different types of amps could be useful. 



fyi magnepan, at the start, jim winey used big audio research tube amps at shows showing off the speakers

over time, they switch to bryston solid state, then about a decade ago, switched again to pass labs solid state being used pretty much exclusively

hegel and other serious solid state amps with a natural smooth refined sound such as upper krells, upper musical fidelity, gryphon, classe, coda, boulder all do very well and show off everything the speakers can do - generally speaking, 100 wpc in 8 doubling into 4 (the maggies’ impedance) is a good rule of thumb

on the value end of the spectrum, odyssey and better van alstines do quite well

tube hybrids can do well too, so long as the solid state output stage is stout

I sell mine VAC phi 300.1 poweramp. (150 w.) i think , it will be a very good match ! Tube amp will be better than a transistor amp.

I have a pair of the original 1.7 and a pair of LRS+ . The system that I use for my Magnepan speakers has a Peachtree Gan400 power amplifier and it is a very good match. 

I've used a mc250 ss ,Mc275  tube and now a parasound p5  pre with a parasound A21+. Very happy.