Best amps to drive B&W Silver Signature Speakers?


I have a pair of B&W Silver Signature speakers. The tweeters have recently been re-conned by B&W and they are in great condition. My DAC/pre-amp is the Bel Canto 3.5vb with the LNS-1 external power supply.

Question for the community, do you think the Bel Canto 150s can effectively drive these speakers? I listen at moderate volume levels primarily to classical, jazz, vocal and folk music. I'm much more concerned about the transparency and musicality of the sound and have no need to listen at high volume levels. The caveat is that the speakers may be set up in a modest sized room or in a great room environment - this has yet to be determined.

I'm also considering the Bel Canto 500s - but wondering if I need this much power. I would like to keep things in the Bel Canto family, however, I'm very open to other modestly priced amplifiers that you think are more suited to driving these B&Ws.

Here are the speakers specs:

Thank you!