Best amps to pair with dynaudio C2

Looking for mono blocks to pair with dyn c2s. Budget 5 to 6k max. Cables = analysis plus big silver oval. My thoughts so far:

Parasound jc1s - used
Odyssey stratos "loaded" new;
Bryston 7b sst2 - used

Would very much appreciate any thoughts on these or other suggestions. I listen mainly to rock, jazz. Love the clarity,, "full information" the dyns provide. The warm, tubey sound puts me to sleep. I like a very tight grip on the base, totally silent ink black background and pure mids and highs that make you grin widely.
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And I would really suggest Simaudio. I am using the Titan multi-channel but when I am ready to add a two channel it will still be Simaudio.

Very strange post.The C2s are known to be lacking in bass(the weak link in the Confidence lineup) and not a speaker for "rock"to start with."The warm, tubey sound"Are we talking about Dynaudio?,lol.Where does that come from,Ive never heard anyone refer to Dynaudio as that.Silver cable is not recommended with the C lineup either.
Mow for your amp selection with those speakers..JC1s/NEVER,too many problems.Bryston/possibly but then again ,PASS on that one.Know nothing about the third.Man ,this is a strange inital post indeed.
Get a good quality SS high power amp, a sub which you will need..........and start looking for the right speaker cables
As a former C2 & C4 owner, I can't recommend Simaudio, even though many have said there is good synergy between the two. I tried a pair of Sim W6 monoblocks for a few days and quickly sold them. For solid state I would be much more inclined to try Pass XA60.5's or McIntosh MC501's... but even more intriguing would be to try some higher powered tube amps (Rogue Zeus, M-180's or VTL 450 sigs).