Best and Worst customer service?

My vote goes for Sonic Frontiers, as Best! I was contacted within an hours, after e-mailing a question. Wery friendly and helpfull!(they can count me-in on the next purchase) Thw Worst? Linn audio! It's been over a month since i submited a Q! I am stll e-mailing the question...i am sort of amused by now!
best: sonic frontiers-very heplful, friendly, technically as Best: Sonic Frontiers-knowledge, friendly, technically astute. Speak to Douglas. Worst: Sony, no one is even close. Ater dropping nearly four grand on a XBR rear projector, it was impossile to reach anyone for technical info. Even after calbration TV is still not right. Absolutely impossible to reach anyone at Sony who knows anything. Have tried everything. Go else where to avoid that "screwed again" feeling.
YBA, Oracle, Aragon. All have given me terrific service, including items I've bought used off the 'net. If you have the opportunity to buy any of their products, don't hesitate at all. To maximize your audiophile experience, get a good relationship established with a dependable local dealer, it can go a long way to making sure you remain satisfied.
My best experience has been with Audioquest. Those guye e-mailed me right away, gave me a name & number for future use and even volunteered helpful, related info I didn't even ask for. The worst: SONY by far. Had a camcorder that needed a chip. I could have swam to Japan and back before it arrived at their service center - 6 months!!! And the damn thing broke again after 6 weeks - with the same problem. Never offered a replacement and the thing wasn't even a year old. Sony sucks!
Worst: Sony! I have a Sony DTC 670 DAT deck that has transport problems. I took it to my local Sony authorized service center and after looking at it they told me they weren't authorized to work on DAT's so send it to Sony. I sent it to Sony to be fixed and was told about 6 weeks turnaround. After 2 and 1/2 months I called wanting to know where my deck was. I gave them my name, address,etc. and they said they had nothing with my name on it. I flipped. After 1 hour on the phone, they found my deck sitting on a shelf with no name on it. They lost my info and had no way to contact me. They told me it was fixed and would send it right out. A week later still no deck, called again and was told they hadn't worked on it yet. It would be 2 more weeks. I was furious at this point but figured I could wait 2 more weeks. After 3 weeks I still had not gotten it back. I called again and was told that service would not work on it because it had been opened up by someone before they received it. The only time it was opened up was at my local Sony authorized service center. So they sent my deck back to me UNFIXED and then forgot to refund my $165 that I sent them with the deck. I called and complained and my check was sent OVERNIGHT mail. Afetr this experience I will no longer buy anything Sony.