Best and Worst customer service?

My vote goes for Sonic Frontiers, as Best! I was contacted within an hours, after e-mailing a question. Wery friendly and helpfull!(they can count me-in on the next purchase) Thw Worst? Linn audio! It's been over a month since i submited a Q! I am stll e-mailing the question...i am sort of amused by now!
Based upon my experience with trying to keep a Data II transport functioning, Theta gets a thumbs down. While they were polite, it was clearly apparent that they had no system. They kept no records of previous repairs to specific units. Theta makes good sounding products, but I will never purchase another of their products again.
My best experience was with Beyerdynamics. I always liked their headphones better than Sennheiser, although the latter was always rated higher by the audio press. So I bought a pair of their DT 811 headphones 8 years ago and recently the plastic suspension system broke. I sent them a letter and asked them to send me a replacement at my own cost, but they sent the replacement for no charge! They have also been very helpful with servicing microphones I have bought from them.
Talon Audio has been great. They are always accesible, willing to stay on the phone and answer all your questions, and are very helpful.
Castle Acoustics in the UK answered all of my questions via email regarding the crossover specs of my speakers quickly and accurately. Their US rep. May Audio Marketing was also great to deal with, and supplied some of the best customer service that I have ever encountered in any industry. Kevin Walsh at Homegrown Audio is one of the best as well as Craig at Vibrapods. I am an hours drive from Upscale Audio and cannot wait to visit their shop when I look into a small SET setup for our spare bedroom, based on the feedback that I have seen posted at this sight.