Best and Worst customer service?

My vote goes for Sonic Frontiers, as Best! I was contacted within an hours, after e-mailing a question. Wery friendly and helpfull!(they can count me-in on the next purchase) Thw Worst? Linn audio! It's been over a month since i submited a Q! I am stll e-mailing the question...i am sort of amused by now!
Since I love my B&K stuff, I hate to say B&K has provided NO customer service (at least bad would be something). I have tried ad nauseum to email regarding upgrades to my REF 10 pre-pro and have receive no reply. I'm sure my dealer would help, but if I wanted to leave home, I would be on the net. For best, the majority have been good. If you shop on the net, like I do, establish an email relationship prior to buying. If they don't respond well to info and questions, you can caount on poor after the fact service.
SONY very poor customer service. They have lost more than $6,000.00 on items that I purchased from other manufacturers in Y2K. I vote with my $$$$$$ John
Great service received from Ayre Acoustics: they repaired & even upgraded an amp for me that was out of warranty, yet no charge & quick service too.
Sonic Frontiers is great, they E-mail very quickly within hours of a technical question and sent free copy of manual for a used SFT-1 transport I purchased. (which sounds excellent & very reliable). Also I heard Mccormack & SMC (Steve McCormack's company is great)
I have to agree with RWA3. U.P.S. Sucks. My best is Classe Audio. Unbeleavable service. My worst is Sonus Faber. They were a great company until a few years ago they were bought out and went to more production oriented models. It took my over six months to get a speaker repaired. The cost of the repair went from $200 to $1500 after they were bought out.