Best and Worst customer service?

My vote goes for Sonic Frontiers, as Best! I was contacted within an hours, after e-mailing a question. Wery friendly and helpfull!(they can count me-in on the next purchase) Thw Worst? Linn audio! It's been over a month since i submited a Q! I am stll e-mailing the question...i am sort of amused by now!
The Worst. DUNLAVY. Andrew has jerked me around more times then i can count, he always has a line.
Best: Brain at BMI, Vac, Kimber Kableand and Wireworld have all been most helpful.
Just recieved a reply from Tascam today, 1-31-2001, for an email sent on 10-23-2000 ref. the performance of the A-D converter in their professional recorders. 9 weeks later? Too bad, I bought a Pioneer instead. No wonder some of these guys don't make it.
Meridian. Called them twice and each time I got a tech within 5 minutes. Answered all my technical questions and Great customer service. AA++
These guys at Classé told me that I would have to wait 2-3 weeks just to get a call form a technician because they were too busy with worldwide distribution. What a bunch of crap. I put my cap-150 integrated amp up for sale the wery next day. That's it for me.