Best and Worst sound at the CES Show 2004

The Best, I would vote for the Wavac room. Amazing!!!! Well, those amps are like.. ... $350k..???
They were playing Peggy Lee "Fever" and it was amazing.
Accuphase room was good as well. Beautiful sound came out from Avanlon speakers.

The worst??? Many... I was disapointed and surprised... among the worst room:
- Burmester (no imaging, get headache if listen for 5min.)
- Lamn (terrible, so digital sound, like my computer)
- VTL (the worst of the worst). They used the Wilson Audio speakers and the sound was so bad? Why? Wrong set-up? Wrong CD????
Nrchy the one you heard has the same Vishay resistor package as mine..The show piece had a new improved 1st stage and larger transformer with 3 more amps of current. Great amp and hope to have mine in for all the new bump ups..Tom
Thanks for the kind words regarding the Joule/Elrod/Critical Mass Systems room. On behalf of Jud, David and myself, it was a pleasure to make you smile. Special thanks go out to Richard Vandersteen for his company and insight.

We're truly pleased you liked the results. See you next year!

Critical Mass Systems
Avantgarde had dumped the Zanden for an Audio Aero Capitole when I visited the room.

If the speakers in the Consonance room were stand mounts, hen they were the Consonance Eric-1s... and yes, they did indeed sound absolutely brilliant. They get my budget vote as well... tough to beat for 1K a pair.