Best ARC tube amps for classical music?

I have thought of using an old ARC tube amp together with my Sonab OA 116 loudspeakers, and I am listening to classical music via a Thorens 126 gramophone.

I see there are many models of the old ones, and I wonder which of them be best suited for my loudspeakers and choice of music genre.

I am particularly occupied with the timbral sound of the musical instruments.

I have already been recommended a D-79, but this one is probably not so easy to get? Hopefully, there would also be some other models that woud do?

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All of the Audio Research amplifiers are very good. It just depends on how much money you want to spend. One of the best of the older amps is the D-115 MKII and it mates perfectly with the SP-8 MKII.
The cost will perhaps not be a very limiting factor as to this, what really counts is to have a perfect match between the amplifier and the loudspeaker.

By the way, I will probably start to use other loudspeakers, the Gradient Revolution.
Do you know whether an ARC would suit to the midrange and treble section of the Gradients?
Impedance = 3 ohms in Active mode, and sensitivity around 91 dB.
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IMHO, I think you're heading in the wrong direction with those speakers, if you want to use an ARC tube amp. Low impedance and efficiency does not make a tube amp happy.
Correction: Low impedance and efficiency does not make an Audio Research tube amp happy.
I have owned many Audio Research amplifiers with incredible results, but I have never asked a tube amplifier to drive a low impedance load, so I really couldn't say.