Best ARC tube amps for classical music?

I have thought of using an old ARC tube amp together with my Sonab OA 116 loudspeakers, and I am listening to classical music via a Thorens 126 gramophone.

I see there are many models of the old ones, and I wonder which of them be best suited for my loudspeakers and choice of music genre.

I am particularly occupied with the timbral sound of the musical instruments.

I have already been recommended a D-79, but this one is probably not so easy to get? Hopefully, there would also be some other models that woud do?

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I have owned many Audio Research amplifiers with incredible results, but I have never asked a tube amplifier to drive a low impedance load, so I really couldn't say.
Axtl, as Rrog pointed out, all of the ARC tube amps are very good. However, IMHO, the D70 and the D115 are the cream of the crop from that era. ( With slight preference given to the Mk 2 version of each).
If you don't need the extra power, I prefer the D70 to the D115 or the D90. Again, like Rrog said, it depends on your budget.
Interesting Rgurney, I listened to the M-100's a few years ago on a Dunlavy based system and they were very dry in the mids ,IMHO. Personally, I way prefer the D70 or 115 to them, at least on the Dunlavy's. The midrange magic of the D70 and to a slightly lesser extent the 115 was MIA on the M100's. TETO.
I have a pair of M100s. They are the absolute best. Get them if you can find a pair. Make sure to get new PS caps (There are many many of them), or the amp will not be at its best.