What are the must-read audiogon posts? I like "best female vocals"
Nothing makes me happier than reading a post where old time Audiogoners speak the TRUTH, uncorrupted by commercial affiliations or agendas.

Both the old timers, and those threads, are sadly less prevalent.
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The old days, when Kelly and Carl were always fighting. When Angela, RedKiwi, Brulee, Bob_Bundus to name a few were around, it felt more like home - or rather a cool place to hang out. These days its so uptight and univiting, my 2 cents.

But you're still here, so that has retained some of the atmosphere.

Thanks for all your contributions!
I learned more about this community and the people from the thread Patrick Malone-Lugnut Thread. I hesitated about posting this thread because it is still a little raw but it really shows that this is a group of people that enjoy audio but really care about people. It's not about audio per se but it is. I came to know quite a few people in the A'gon community alot better because of this thread and Pat and Barb and Kirsten especially. Who can forget this Thread to show what kind of guy Lugnut was. Thanks all for the memories. This has to be the most emotional post on A'gon and the most read!!!