Best Audiophile desktop for under $2500?

My DELL Precision T7610 is crapping out on me.  I was very happy with it and the synergy with my Modwright OPPO205 and sysytem was great. It has trouble playing WASAPI 768khz on the latest JRiver and ROON. Any suggestions on a store or used bought desktop that is Audiophile worthy? I work everyday and dont have time to build one. Thanks in advance!



I think OP is looking for a PC, perhaps already has a laptop.

I use HP slim desktop PC (actually horizontal on a shelf below the desktop) in my office because Laptops do not have 27" monitors or DVD drives these days. I use 32gb memory for multiple programs open, editing lots of Photos, CAD work, not enough usb 3.0 ports .... i.e. lots of reasons to have a PC. IF so, then go for a quiet one, every part of it quiet as I described previously here.

my laptop, I moved down to 14" screen for easier size/weight (real keyboard). It has Bang and Olufsen speakers (Audio by B&O; Dual speakers; HP Audio Boost).

It has enough volume for several people to hear, and it’s hdmi out passes enough volume when streaming using a TV in a vacation rental or when visiting family.

prior Laptop, max volume sucked.

@jhnnrrs First, I have close to three times of the collection. Yes, the initial index is long because it only have 1GB ram but you just leave it doing its own thing. Each time when you incrementally add in songs on top of the existing like mine, the update is quite fast although not lightning fast. Second, I was disappointed in their DAC too but that is not the case for the streamer. You need to experiment with other DACs. The USB digital out sounds the best to my ears but the rca port is no slough since both are noise barrier fortified. Noise floor is quite dark. The reviews are not hype. I just returned the everSolo DMP A6 after more than 30 days’ auditioning and comparison with ZS when both are used as the digital source only. I prefer the more neutral presentation of ZS



A workstation is definitely overkill for audio applications. If you're only using the PC for audio purposes and not 3D CAD / rendering then save yourself some bucks and get something like a Beelink EQ12 - link.


You can pop the top off and add a SATA SSD to store your music in case the included 500 GB isn't enough. Here's a nice review - link.


There are also measurements showing that it doesn't add any noise and jitter is virtually non-existent when paired with an asynchronous USB DAC like what your Oppo has - link.

 I walked away from using a computer for my audio recordings- linked to my stereo- long ago. I found that music streamers were designed, engineered and built for hifi or stereo integration and they serve the purpose much better. 

Having said that, I don't have ANYTHING negative to say if my fellow audiophiles like using a computer and it works well for them. Great! I think a Mac mini is a great solution as well as many other computers that have a solution for reducing noise and that includes PS noise and interference.

There have been certain audio issues associated with some M-series chips in MacBooks; I’m not sure if this extends to Mac Mini’s - might be worth looking into before going that route.