Best Audiophile desktop for under $2500?

My DELL Precision T7610 is crapping out on me.  I was very happy with it and the synergy with my Modwright OPPO205 and sysytem was great. It has trouble playing WASAPI 768khz on the latest JRiver and ROON. Any suggestions on a store or used bought desktop that is Audiophile worthy? I work everyday and dont have time to build one. Thanks in advance!


Using a computer in an audio system can be as good as anything else mentioned here. You just need to do it correctly.

I posted earlier about my $5k fan less PC. I run 6 monitors of it and it is a powerhouse machine. It does not make a peep of noise. However, that is not how I setup my streaming, I use a $500 DELL machine that is the size of my hand. I have it kept under a bed in the adjoining bedroom to my office. I have perfect streaming throughout the house from this little machine running ROON Core. 

Fibre cable (glass) is your friend in this scenario. My setup needs a bit of computer savvy to get setup and keep running. Send me DM if you want to discuss.

I have worked as an audio engineer, and currently I do high end workstation builds.  I would be more than happy to provide you with a parts list and help you find a reputable builder in your area.

Here's a link to a parts list that I put together as a starting point, I'd be happy to go over the parts selection and reasoning behind the choices.

@deanshias I use the Matrix Audio Element H USB 3.0 on an ASUS Z690 motherboard. I was shocked at how big a difference it made (the rest of system is Cambridge Audio DACMagic 200, Audioengine A5+ speakers, and Senheiser HD599)

I use AVADirect who offer silent PCs as one of their build options

Silent PCs, Quiet Computers, Custom Silent Desktops | AVADirect

Those aren’t anymore silent than what I suggested. I would be interested in seeing a detailed parts list for one though.


<edit> I just found one and I’m not terribly impressed with the components they are using so far.  Changing the configuration to match it just costs $1100.00 more.  </edit>