Best audiophile earwax removal system?

I hadn't cleaned the wax from my ears for a few months, and was amazed when I did so.

The imaging improved even more than it did from inserting  a $10K mains cable.

I just used an awkward little bottle of wax remover.

Any suggestion re ear-cleaning kits that are easy to use and effective?


Back in the 80’s my doctor gave me a prescription for liquid ear wax removal. Man, did this stuff work. In the 2000’s I tried to get him to refill it and found out they had quit making it and all that was available was the over the counter items. Maybe its only available to qualified ENT's.. Don't know. But of course it’s half as effective.

I have suffered for years with excessive ear wax! The best method I have found is a 50/50 mix of the hottest water you can stand, with 70% Hydrogen Peroxide. Clean and fill your sink, pour in the the Peroxide and use a baby's bulb syringe. Force the fluid in your ear canal with your ear facing down towards the sink. Rub the solution around in your ear. You will hear it fizzing up. Eventually you will get big chunks of ear wax falling out. In my case, sometimes I have to assist the chunks in coming out as that is the extent of my condition! Repeat on the other ear until nothing is coming out. Gross, but effective and no need to visit the Doc. ;-)

Local hearing specialist charges $99, it only takes about 5-10min with safe equipment and an expert tech.  No pain and great results.

Never thought it was necessary, but glad I did it.  Probably not something needed  more than once a year or so.

@jdm11 “What are the dimensions of the room you plan to clean your ears in? Budget???“

😂🤣😂 That made my day

I go to an ENT doc who is also a facial surgeon.  No water bulbs or hydrogen peroxide.  His steady hands use a surgical tool to thoroughly remove any build up.  If you can get to Verona, NJ, Google Dr. Edmund Liu.