Best balanced linestage/preamp for $4000 or less ???

Hey all !!  So I need some help with choosing a preamp, preferably tube, that's a true balance design in and out.. For a 2.1 speaker system.. Need a sub so it'll have to have dual outputs running in parallel if that's the right term to use.. It'll have to have single ended inputs and outputs also.. I use an Oppo205 (Modwright) in the front end for everything digital coming in, movies and music.. But I do my critical listening with music so I use the modded portion of the 205 for that (balance output) and for movies/tv want to use the unmodded single ended outputs..

I have a Classe CA2200 amp and Salk bookshelf speakers and a sub (single ended input)..

I know BAT is out there.. VK31se I'm looking at and some older Audio Research but read them are unreliable.. Anything else anyone else have some experience with ? Will take your opinions seriously as that's how I chose my current equipment...   thanks

I know there's some good stuff single ended but I really want a well balance system through out with my music listening..

+2 for Calypso. Sounds very clear, fully balanced, many impedance loads to choose from and has a built in demagnetizer if your using MC carts. 
The McInTosh C47 certainly  offers a myriad of input options, flexibility and features. I would be surprised if it offers the tonal purity,  resolution, transparency, openness and musical nuance as the Atma-sphere MP-3. Just my opinion. 
Buy a pre-owned Accuphase or Pass Labs. You want the lowest noise floor you can get.

If you took apart a new Mac you would never buy one.
um , maybe not ... $5600 with phono... don't need that part
The MP-3 is also available as a line stage.
I can highly recommend a used Audio Research LS-16 for your system. I've encountered zero reliability issues with Audio Research. You should be able to find one for less than $2000. Replacement tubes are inexpensive and rarely need changing. Happy listening!