Best banana plugs 2016

I have always been a fan of bare speaker wire Where practical, but have an application for a speaker termination that is best served by banana plugs. And smaller plugs in terms of length behind the actual plug specifically. Have had good luck in past with Audioquest silver speaker cable terminations. Your suggestion for the most transparent solution currently available much appreciated. Looking for less brass or nickel and more copper or silver in body of conductors.
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If you need less brass or nickel and more copper, then Sewell Direct SW-29863-6 Deadbolt banana plug fulfilled your all requirements. It provides faster signal transfer and 24-carat gold plate connectors. It comes with quick lock technology.
Monster Quicklock banana plugs are my favourite. They work with nearly any gauge and strand configuration of speaker cable. I’m using them with Monster Standard 12AWG cable in a bi-amp setup of my Energy Connoisseur speakers to a pair of NAD vintage integrated amps, and the sound quality is great. Sewell deadbolts are just like all the others- a cheap imitation of the real thing.