Best Bandcamp Selections

With over 45M downloads Bandcamp must be on to something (the added benefit of lossless files isn't bad either). Anyone has some recommendations they would like to share?

So far, I've enjoyed:

Woob: Have Landed
Izzy*Wise: Future roots volumn 1
You can even get audiophile downloads at BandCamp now, like the
Sound Liaison sampler, THE VISUAL SOUND, it's a steal for $10.
It got a great review in audio express.
"There are some audio enthusiasts who claim that high-resolution digital recordings offer no audible improvement over conventional Red Book CDs. I could not disagree more, but what about 96 kHz vs. DXD at 352.8 kHz? I found the 96 kHz files to be excellent, but by comparison the 352.8 kHz originals have a bit more air and space in the sound, even with my OPPO player down-sampling them to 176.4 kHz. The DSD comparisons are interesting. I found the DSD files to be a bit “warmer” but I could not help wondering if there’s some sort of euphonic coloration going in the conversion process. At times, I felt that the DSD files had a slightly larger and more precise stereo image. That may seem strange, but I can only report what I heard. It’s possible that my reactions to the warmth and the imaging are due to the simpler analog filtering in DSD playback.Sound Liason’s DXD sampler, The Visual Sound, offers some of the most realistic sounding recordings I’ve heard, in enjoyable selections performed by excellent musicians. Most of the music on this sampler is decidedly laid-back, and audiophiles looking for an in-your-face sonic spectacular will likely miss the point. For engineer Frans de Rond and the excellent musicians heard on these recordings, it’s all about subtlety and refinement. Musically perceptive listeners will appreciate the efforts of all involved in making these fine recordings.

Gary Galo - AudioXpress"

Steve Wynn
Live electric
Live acoustic
Solo recordings of the Dream Syndicate frontman with just his guitar.
Well recorded and really satisfying.