best bang for buck on used ht speakers? maybe b&w?

Ok I might have been going about this ALL wrong. lets start with what i have... b&w cdm 1 bookshelf fronts, a bad center, b&w 602 bookshelf rears, cerwin vega sub. pioneer elite 92txh with pre outs for additional amps (if needed) i was just thinking about upgrading to the matrix or first gen nautilus speakers. maybe floor standing or towers. before i get too caught up in the excitement of buying, what are other good alternative speakers or set ups? towers needed? book shelf and a better sub just as good? what is over kill for only ht setup? i was thinking b&w 800, 801, 802 overkill? what ya got?
I recently updated my three front speakers in my home theatre set-up. I had paradigm signature S1(v2), c1(v2) center and adp1's(v2) in piano black. I'm running a Onkyo pro 885 pre and a Parasound HCA 2205AT(220x5) power amp. My sub is a SVS PB13 Ultra in piano black all in a 20x8x14 room.

I was finding for movies I was missing some impact(midbass), dynamics from movies and music. So I upgraded to the Signature S2's(v3) and C1(v3) center and kept the surrounds the same. I wanted to stay away from floor standing speakers as I still have my SVS beast(and I mean"beast").

All I can say is "wow". For the additional price difference of new S2's(v3) and a 2 month old perfect used c3(v3) it was my best investment. The soundstage and frontal impact, dynamics is truly amazing. Im also hearing things i never heard before than i did with my smaller sigs. From bigger, more efficient drivers, and efficiency of 5-6 db and still having bookshelf speakers is for the most part esthetically pleasing.

For music the upgrade was definitely astonishing.

My advice is a seperate power amp is definitly a must. Also find a good subwoofer and eq it will be very substantial to your overall sound. Check out the Paradigm Sig S2's(v3) and the SVS PB13 ultra or the SVS SB13. Exemplary reviews online.

Good luck...

Regards Bacardi
If we are talking pure HT, buy some used Klipsch. They made my Paradigm reference system sound weak, small, and lacked a lot. Ive owned a ton of speaker sets & Klipsch is as good as anything for HT IMO, and much cheaper.

I'm using a all KLF 30/20 setup. Bob Crites titanium diaphrams are a must with KLF's IMO. Have a SVS Ultra 12/2 for LFE
speaker set up
804s fronts
htm4s center
cdm1 or 703 floor????? 703 overkill? will the 703 match up with my fronts????
room is 25 by 25 half is used for home theater.
pioneer elite 92txh receiver....
cdm1 rears should be fine, but 703 would work too not necessarily overkill. personally, would trade 703 for more powerful amp and perhaps run the 2 fronts off them...good 2channel plus more powerful 5.1 channel?