Best bang for buck powercond. ?

Looking for a great pc ,min $0 - max $800
I also have a (UK)pair of speakercables quite good actually the name is Van Damme, you might laugh about the name but they are quite popular in UK and PMC loudspeaker maker use them etc.

Sounds great listen to David Bowie - Diamond Dogs at the moment. "in every teenage girl theres a fontain"
A used Audio Magic Stealth MkII is in your price range. Six outlets, two of them specifically for digital. You can use it with your whole system. This power conditioner will extract tons of detail from your system, and sounds really great.

I have one that replaced the PS Audio UPC200, and the difference is night and day. Stomps all over it, and worth every penny of the difference in price.

If I had purchased it earlier, I may never have upgraded my Cd player and amp. It sounds that good. (Using it with a plinius 8200 mkII and Audio Aero Prima MkII CDP.)
I've had great results with my Blue Circle Music Ring. It's a balanced conditioner with seperate digital and analog outlets. They're in your budget new and also show up occasionally used, here on the 'gon.
I live in a big city in a big Apartment building and clean power is not to be found. I use a big Powervar (model 1100-12?)46lbs and plug in my pre-amp, transport, dac and ultrajitterbug. Works great and only cost me $100+S&H on Ebay. Now that they are becoming known to audiophiles the price can be double but is still a bargain. I plug my threshold amp directly to a cryo'd outlet from Locust design group and it took some of the grain out of the top end. Smooth and a tweek that is mentioned because I might try to upgrade (change) the powervar outlets to these outlets.
HOw about the Audience PowerChord. Great bang for very little bucks. I use them on my amps and Audio Aero CD player. They are sensibly priced.