Best Bang for your Buck DAC ?

I just realized I’m in the market for a DAC , I don’t want to spend a fortune on a DAC either . I picked up a drangonfly cobalt a while back and am unimpressed  so I moved it to my CPU and sounds really good on my system there which when I bought it figured I would do anyway since it was my first DAC purchase . There are so many DACs I have no clue , how high up on the returns chart can I go at say $1,000 before I run into heavy Diminished returns resistance. I’m open to buying used . I was thinking about a Schitt made in the states ? Anyone’s take on best bang for buck DACs? 
Denafrips Ares II. 

Under $1,000 CAD into the country. 

So sweet I bought a second.  

It really shines after a couple hundred hours of use. 
Emotiva DC-1 is a steal if you can find one. A great DAC plus headphone amp, balanced outputc digital inputs. Check it out. I’ve also been enjoying my Aune X8. I can swap opamps with ease, which has been enlightening. The Burson Vivid and Classic opamps are totally worth it. The Classic has really expanded the soundstage. 
You mentioned computer. Do you need DSD on the DAC? If not, then if you can find a used Massdrop Airist R2R dac. It took an MSB to better it from the musicality aspect. I tried against PS Audio Stellar Gain DAC and Mytek Brooklyn DAC, which was a close second, plus did DSD.
Bought an SMSL M-400 for about $810 and it is amazing!  
It doesn't sound as good as my Chord Hugh TT2 but it comes pretty close in many respects and costs a fraction of the price.
I also own and agree with you on the Audioquest Dragon.