Best Bang for your Buck DAC ?

I just realized I’m in the market for a DAC , I don’t want to spend a fortune on a DAC either . I picked up a drangonfly cobalt a while back and am unimpressed  so I moved it to my CPU and sounds really good on my system there which when I bought it figured I would do anyway since it was my first DAC purchase . There are so many DACs I have no clue , how high up on the returns chart can I go at say $1,000 before I run into heavy Diminished returns resistance. I’m open to buying used . I was thinking about a Schitt made in the states ? Anyone’s take on best bang for buck DACs? 
So what sonic qualities is it that you would like to improve over the use of the Cobalt in your main system? 

Would say shop for a used Rega DAC. Had one in my system for several years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Takes the sizzle out of the digital experience and is decidedly British in its presentation. Has several filter settings with the slightest of differences but I enjoyed stretching to hear the differences. Digital signal was bright to begin with and the Rega tamed it exceptionally well. Recently picked up a Line Magnetic 502ca that runs both SS or Tube. It's a VERY nice piece and I'm waiting on a MOON Neo MIND streamer to replace my current piece. Hoping for even improved symmetry. 
There are many references to the Denafrips Ares 2 being available for $750 direct from their US distributor. Their site now lists it for $1000. Am I missing something?
There used to be a Denafrips distributor within the US, but it's now handled by Vinshine Audio. Their site currently shows the Ares 2 available for $764.26 USD.
Yes, the DAC goes into your cart at $764, but when you actually check out to purchase it the cost changes to $1,028.  Not sure why, exchange rate possibly?