Best Bang for your Buck DAC ?

I just realized I’m in the market for a DAC , I don’t want to spend a fortune on a DAC either . I picked up a drangonfly cobalt a while back and am unimpressed  so I moved it to my CPU and sounds really good on my system there which when I bought it figured I would do anyway since it was my first DAC purchase . There are so many DACs I have no clue , how high up on the returns chart can I go at say $1,000 before I run into heavy Diminished returns resistance. I’m open to buying used . I was thinking about a Schitt made in the states ? Anyone’s take on best bang for buck DACs? 
I am loving this discussion as I am looking for similar $1000 ish price point DAC, and really want to pull the trigger and move on with the listening.... 

Kind of narrowed it down to the below.

Anyone else here had any experience with the Black Ice DAC ( I just bought their F22 tube amp) and/or the Audio GD DAC Audioman 58 mentions above?  Wally carries both, but the Audio GD is more expensive.   Also the "lower" MHDT models in comparison ( I cannot afford the Orchid...).  I was also thinking the Denafrips Ares 2.  

I am sure that I would be happy with any of these, but seem to be sinking in ponderring paralysis quicksand... 

I stream only and listen in an 8x10 ft home office...  Any thoughts from you all to push me over the edge to buy would be greatly appreciated!
I have a Soekris R-2-R Dac coming, I am excited to hear the improvements it may bring.  Very innovative small Danish company.
 Have had Denafrips Ares 2 now for 4 weeks. My TEKTON Pendragons with Reisong A20 SET amp ( $649) have come ALIVE.....Soundstage is soooooo deep and wide. There's a reason ...NO Ares 2 used anywhere available.....They are hands down the best dac that makes music sound LIVE.

My PecanPi DAC achieves 130dB SNR and 125dB dynamic range. For $350 I believe it is an outstanding value.

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