Best bargain find ever ?

I've just missed out on sooo many I'm curious what others have snagged. I've found some really good deals but have yet to hit the proverbial jackpot. I once got a Kenwood KD-650 TT w/granite base/ SME 3009 III/Shure V15MR MKV in immaculate condition with owner's manuals for $200.00. I also snagged a Parasound PH/P 850 Pre-Amp for $125.00 (when they were going for $450.00 new) I also once got a complete Adcom set-up GFA 545 II amp, GTP-450 Pre, GCD 600 CD Player with a pair of Paradigm Titan speakers for $400.00. How about you ?
Best ever has been the tuner section for my MA6600. It is just the fm portion, it lists for $800.00. Won in auction for less than $100.00.
My all time best scores were a Mark Levinson 332 fully serviced and redone where the owner thought it was broken, and sold it to me for $900 and it turned out to be the rubber sealant and the amp was pristine and should need no service for a dozen or so years.

My greatest score ever was for $2800 I once scored a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista DAC, A3CR Amp and Preamp (all heavily modified), a pair of B&W 805 Nautilus (with stands), Velodyne HGS-15, and a PS Audio P1200 (the big ole giant) all in great to perfect condition + some really fancy power cables and sold everything but the DAC and the P1200 in 36 hours making a few hundred bucks (plus selling my gear) and giving my best friend a hell of a deal on the HGS-15. That was a score of,a lifetime
I found two Goldmund turntables at Western Audio twenty years ago. The Studietto was pristine and the Studio had some mods. The owner offered me either one for $1,000 but
would only sell one. I chose the Studietto, but I should have chosen the Studio. I sold it later at a profit.
JM Lab Profil-77s Craigslist find for $120
Aragon 2004, Aragon 24K and NAD 4300 Tuner for $400 Craigslist
ADS L-620 in decent shape $25 yard sale