Best Basic CD Player (no SACD, USB, etc.)

Hey guys! Old dude here! My Panasonic SL-PJ316 CD player took a dump after years of faithful service. I started looking around for a replacement only to discover CD players with price tags into the thousands of dollars!! WTH??  Ok, I know there is SACD, USB, bluetooth, etc. BUT, I am not going to try and re-purchase my entire CD collection of almost 40 years to buy a SACD player. And, from what I've read, the USB, streaming lot seems to cause problems in certain players. ALL I need is a high quality, basic CD player that won't cost thousands of dollars. Any suggestions? Yamaha? NAD? Marantz? I'm "all ears". Thanks, for the advice. Best regards, Rob


Rotel CD 11 over on TMR 

NAD 568 on TMR



Rotel 1570

Rega Apolo 

Rotel CD14




The Onkyo C-7030 is a great CD player at $300. I just replaced mine about 9 months ago with an Audiolab 6000CDT at $600, but it us just an amazing transport.....requires a separate DAC. 

I enjoyed the Yamaha cds300 a 2 years ago, has a great sound, but the skipping, and the audio silence between songs, if i remember, if a song flows into another, it will have a silence between songs, was strange, but was a great sounding player.

Hi old dude -

I have a lot and I mean a lot of CDs.  I would guess I am in the 5000 or more neighborhood.  I am also officially a senior citizen and have stockpiled a few cd players, so I will be able to play my music until I can't anymore.

I have not have had much luck with basic Onkyo and even less with basic Yamaha.  Mostly breakdowns after a few months.

So, two players that I own are the - 

- Music Hall CD 15 - on sale for $390, list $650 at Audio Connexion

- Emotiva ERC 4 - list $650, direct from Emotiva; sometimes run sales

If you want to spend more, then go for the Rega Apollo at a grand.

All 3 are excellent spinners.  



Music Hall




Emotiva ...




If you have a separate DAC, don’t forget to check out, or consider, the Audiolab 6000CDT. But, a transport only. Simple, straight forward, and sounds great for the $. It will also spin SACD’s, but passes them as Redbook.