Best Basic CD Player (no SACD, USB, etc.)

Hey guys! Old dude here! My Panasonic SL-PJ316 CD player took a dump after years of faithful service. I started looking around for a replacement only to discover CD players with price tags into the thousands of dollars!! WTH??  Ok, I know there is SACD, USB, bluetooth, etc. BUT, I am not going to try and re-purchase my entire CD collection of almost 40 years to buy a SACD player. And, from what I've read, the USB, streaming lot seems to cause problems in certain players. ALL I need is a high quality, basic CD player that won't cost thousands of dollars. Any suggestions? Yamaha? NAD? Marantz? I'm "all ears". Thanks, for the advice. Best regards, Rob


Hey Old Dude....just another Old Dude.  I think these guys have sold me on the Onkyo 7030.  I've read nothing but great reviews on it.  I'm still using a 20 year old JVC CD/DVD player I picked up at a garage sale.  Figuring it might croak soon.  Hopefully before I do!

If you want the best bang for the buck, look for an old Harman Kardon HD 7600. The 7400 is pretty much the same  but with less features on the remote control etc. Saw a 7600 on EBay a few weeks ago for $175. I've got a 7600 and a 7400. They sound good to me and I've never had a problem with them. They were new in 1990.

I regret my Onkyo CD purchase from Abt outside of Chicago. Skips clean CDs that my old CAL Icon never had issues with. It sometimes, not always,  sounds bright n hard as an above poster mentioned. I'd like to upgrade as well, without breaking the bank. 

Any CD player, regardless of price, can have issues. You may be better off not spending too much, on a new player. Brands such as Denon, Yamaha, Marantz, and Rotel seem to make decent units for the money.

I`d be careful about spending too much on a CD player. Personally, I would not spend north of 2 grand for new player, because the cost of repair may equal the price of a lower level CDP.