Best bass response in a $1500 pair monitor?

After much research,and much help from audiogon members, I'm leaning toward Audio Refinement Complete amp. Have already bought Rotel 1072CD, although I may have jumped the gun-- perhaps AR CD would've been better choice, but... am looking for suggestions for a monitor speaker to match. Have $1500 to spend. Am willing to add sub later if necessary, but: are there monitors that are more satisfying than others in mid-bass? Ideally, I'd prefer to start my listening enjoyment now, without constantly being reminded of the missing low-bass. Suggestions????
I'm always trying to figure out how companies like Salk compare to bigger names. They claim that their speakers are comparable to ones that cost twice as much, or more. Are these as high quality as B&W 800 series? I'm just trying to find a baseline in terms of what these are supposed to be competing with.
I can't speak for the manufacturers, but I think the general premise is that there's no middle-man markup involved in direct sales. Also, in the case of the guys I mentioned, there's no overhead; they build as they get the orders. The down side is you have to wait while your speaker is built. Don't know about Rick Craig, but Jim Salk has a waiting list, and I believe it takes about 90 days from the time you order to the speakers' arrival.
>Are these as high quality as B&W 800 series<
I wouldn't use the 800 series as my standard. Thankfully most good speaker manufacturers don't.
OOf. I missed the B&W question. I'm glad I did. Let's just say I agree with Judy so I don't offend anyone. :)
i had jim build me some 9.0 with dennis murphy crossovers in ebony mbow boxes that are absolutely stunning. i have to laugh at anyone who would go elsewhere for the money. they easily compete with my focus audio 688s.