Best beer

Kokanee gets my nod.
Free and cold? The boys across the big pond would rather it be room temperature. Used to bartend at the small NATO military base I worked at. The Brits had some of their brew (Double Diamond ale, among others) brought in which was kept out of the coolers at room temp. Took a little getting used to, but was very tasty. Couldn't drink a lot of it though.

My favorite is Mug.
Been drinking lighter summery beers lately. Tusker from Kenya is very nice and there is one in the can from the guys who make Dale's Pale Ale called something like Mama Yella Pils (too lazy to go down the the fridge and check the name for sure) that is also in heavy rotation right now.
Moinette Brune does it for me.

"Brew Free or Die IPA" is the one I have had recently that sticks out in my mind. An outstanding and very distinctive tasting IPA.