Best beer

Kokanee gets my nod.
Haven't ever seen anything from Bells here in New York. Seems like a west coast favorite that stays in its own backyard.

Fullers is a no-brainer, especially on tap. I'm a porter lover and Fullers Porter ranks right up there with Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter as my faves.
Bells is from Kalamazoo Michigan (est. 1985) and the original location includes the Eccentric Cafe tavern, a music venue, beer garden and the original brewery where a wide variety of small batch microbrews are still crafted.
Bells distributes beer, from their production brewery in neighboring Galesburg, MI, to 19 states, including NY. You can find it here;
Bells Beer Finder
If the snow ever melts, I can sometimes be found in the Beer Garden after a group bicycle ride, or at other times.

Bell's is widely available here in upstate NY. Try their Two Hearted Ale - quite nice.
A big shout out for Genesee Cream Ale. Assuming they still make it.
Since we're on Bell's...had an Oberon, their summer brew, released Mon. the 24th. Unfortunately single digit temps this morning in Michigan. Oh well, tasted great anyway.