Best beer

Kokanee gets my nod.
I've really gotten into the sours that are being made from Wicked Weed brewery in Asheville, NC.

Favorites include:

Briars & Brett
Best beer isn't from the bottle at all. Still searchin' but so far tasted L’ Amère à Boire local micro-brewery in Montreal, Rue St-Denis.
Got tipsy after a 16oz glass without feeling an alcohole content consuming with extreame pleasure and watching bicycle stunts at the same time.
The best part of searching for the best beer is the journey itself.

For those of you who are into trying different beers, check out a phone app called "Untapped". You can track your beers, comment and rate them, and see what others have to say.

We now have 15 microbreweries in Eugene and I am quite happy with the selection of fresh brews. Ninkasi leads the bunch but they are the largest, so far...