Best Blues Rock recommendations?

I just started listening to Blues Rock and have been bowled over by recents CDs I bought like Robert Lucas, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zep, Jeff Beck etc. I intend to increase my collection and am keen on soem worthwhile recommendations. What are some of the Blues Rocks albums you've heard, especially the newer releases over the last few years?
You might also want to check out Keb Mo. My favorite is "The Door" but his music may be a little too much on the blues side for you. Another one might be the Cate Brothers.
Check out either of Melvin Taylor's releases on Evidence Records, Melvin Taylor & the Slack Band (straight power trio) or his most recent, "Bang that Bell". Possibly the best guitarist around today, with unbelievable technique but not just for the sake of playing fast (he plays great slowly as well). Very diverse in terms of style, combining blues, jazz, r & b, and hard rock. Really interesting and considered by many to be the best guitarist in Chicago today.
You've got to get some Taj Mahal. Try his newer stuff but you really need a copy of "The Real Thing". It is live at the filmore with a great horn section (4 tubas included). Also, a really great sleeper is Burton Garr.
START HERE!#1 The Allman Brothers at The Fillmore East.If you find anything to top this let me know!My #1 Island Choice!Well known as the BEST Live Blues/Rock Album of all time!Also Led Zeppelin's 1st LP is not to be overlooked as well as Cream and Early Stones Albums.
albert collins 'cold snap'
jimi hendrix 'blues'
the black crowes 'amorica', 'shake your money maker', 'southern harmony & musical companion'
gov't mule 'dose'
all have been in heavy rotation from my library lately.
hope this helps