Best bookshelf loudspeakers under 10,000 for the pair

I had the elac Navis I thought they were very good until I heard the Elac vela Which was much better In almost every aspect I’ve also listened to the Revel  126Be which were absolutely destroyed by the Elac’s.I am downsize my system from Martin Logan electrostats and quad 2905 And would like a bookshelf that would have some of the same attributes of the quads. I listen primarily to jazz and would like to stay under $10,000. (Fast transient  response, resolution/detail, musicality)
I’m driving the system with a PS audio direct stream dac directly connected to a primaLuna evo 300 Power amp. I’m thinking of switching that out possibly for a pass labs 25/30.8, or possibly a benchmark power amp.
Cannot wrong with KEF Reference ones. The older R 300s and current R 3’s get you pretty close. I have owned the Reference 1 and R 300, as well as listening to them many times at Quest For Sound in Bensalem, PA. They have always impressed with a wide variety of amplifiers and sources. I did have the chance to compare them in the store with ELAC Andante bookshelves. The ELAC were very good but I preferred the KEF’ S. I currently have a pair of McIntosh XR 50 bookshelf speakers. They offer an amazingly full range sound from a compact/attractive cabinet. The Mac’s need serious amplification to sound their best.
I thought I’d hit the spot with my ‘86 11ohm Roger LS3/5As. Had them dialed in perfectly in my listening room with high quality electronics front to back. I’m now playing a set of JM Reynaud Twins MkII and after over a month of moving things around can now say they are better in every way to the little Rogers Brit Boxes. I mean these with dedicated stands (albeit mine are on spiked Target open stands) were about $1500 new! The imaging is scary good, bass is tight, right and well improved (transmission line open, but stuffed, port in front) over the Rogers as well. Midrange is liquid and voices are true and accurate both male & female. High end is delicate and articulate with just the right amount of sizzle and cymbal decay. I’m going to search out a pair of JMR Magic Stands which are said to truly complete the package sort of like the AB1 is available to reel in a better bass result from the LS3/5As. Now that’s a shootout I’d like to read about having not had both of these systems at the same time. If u can find a set of JMR Twins, MKII, MKIII or newer Bliss each WITH their dedicated Magic Stands you gotta them a twirl. Great reviews out there too especially from Bob Neill at Positive Feedback. $10K, not sure u need to drop that kind of money. Spend some time and budget on room treatment and proper placement and the dividends will pay off handsomely. Quality speaker runs too. Soooo much out there so in this $ space both new and pre-owned but these JMRs are special. Just my opinion...
Dynaudio Special 40s are great speakers and they just released 2 new colors.