Best bourbon?

I noticed there are threads for scotch and vodka so we need one for bourbon too.
What do you think is the best bourbon? I can't pick just one but I think that buffalo trace and Elijah Craig are both very good, especially at ~$30 for a fifth.

Makers Mark as long as I can remember.I'm 64.Taste expensive and is.Visit Star Hill farm if you get a chance.JD
I've been a scotch guy for a long time (and still am), but have recently been "turned on" to the the merits of fine American whiskey. I am loving the "Antique Series" bottled by Buffalo Trace:

William Larue Weller
Geirge T. Stagg
Thomas H Handy Sazerac
Sazerac 18

And, the Van Winkle's:

Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve
Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye

Next up is the Parker's Heritage 27


Woodford Reserve. It's smoother, has a bit more caramel, and is "deeper" than Maker's Mark. Knob Creek is my second choice.
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Hello from happy consumer of Crown Royal that is in my abdomen almost every weekend at least 400ml straight no ice. No heavy withdrawals next morning as well. The language becomes a-little distorted after the 10th shot:-). Always order doubles at the bar I trust.