Best Brands Out of These-Wharfendale,Bowers and Wilkinsons...

I would like to know what is the best brand out of these-Wharfendale,Bowers and Wilkinson,Clitsch,Boss,Feacal,Sonus Flogger or KOF?I have a Demon amplifier which says 400 watts on the back.
Here is another name for you Cerwin Vega and I cant find anything on  "Clitsch"
must be a typo ...right?  :P

This is clearly a person who wants expert advice/guidance of more seasoned folks. What you respond with is derision,chides, and unfriendly responses... 

.. AND  you wonder why 2 channel audio is dying.... 

@jtgofish .. sorry for the unkind responses.. not all audio enthusiasts are like those above. I wish I could answer you questions in an educated way. 
audiophiles are  sometimes jerks.... it’s insecurity