Best budget integrated choices

I had a Sugden A21 some years ago but it died an unfortunate death.

I am looking for a budget (defined as as cheap as possible) integrated to power my LS3/5a V2 (a little easier to drive than the original) to not loud levels.

I worked myself into a tizzy of joy reading reviews of the Onkyo A-9010 Integrated Stereo Amplifier to only find out that the UK version is the one voiced (if I can say that) with a nice warm presentation.  I am a tube guy at heart but appreciate a warm SS amp.

What else should I be looking at.  I am a but apprehensive on used SS after mine died.

Thanks Paraneer.  That is what I am doing actually.  I have an old Yamaha AVR.  It does not sound that bad really.
A Quad Vena? around $400 used. I have one (two, actually) and they sound very good for the modest outlay.
$500 or so should get you an Audio Refinement Complete.... This is really a nice sounding integrated.
I remember listening to and liking that Audio Refinement way back.  Thanks for the reminder.